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Alex Andrews George

About Alex Andrews George

Alex Andrews George is a content creator, author, mentor, and entrepreneur. Alex is the founder of ClearIAS and one of the expert Civil Service Exam Trainers in India.

He is the author of many best-seller books like ‘Important Judgments that transformed India’ and ‘Important Acts that transformed India’.

A trusted mentor and pioneer in online training, Alex’s guidance, strategies, study materials, and mock-exams have helped thousands of aspirants to become IAS, IPS, and IFS officers.

He is a problem-solver with diverse experience, exposure, and interests. Alex is on a mission to (1) find himself (2) constantly improve and (3) leave the world a better place. 

Alex has been featured on...
The Hindu
Times of India
Malayala Manorama

Alex about his journey

When I started ClearIAS. com as an online learning platform in 2012 the whole UPSC test prep segment was dominated by traditional offline coaching institutes. However, there was the problem of affordability, accessibility and availability of quality education.

We truly wished that the door to the dream of IAS, IPS or IFS should not be closed to any deserving candidate due to a lack of quality education or training.

ClearIAS tried to solve this problem by providing quality education and better features at less than half of the fees charged by traditional coaching institutes.

We helped aspirants learn online from the comfort of their homes and succeed in this exam.

Now ClearIAS is one of the most popular websites in India and is used by more than 1 million aspirants every month.

Many toppers thank ClearIAS for the role played by us in their success.

Books by Alex Andrews George

Alex has authored multiple bestsellers. You can order copies of his books on online shopping websites like Amazon or Flipkart.

I vouch for the expertise of the founder of CLEARIAS, Mr. Alex Andrews George, in the Civil Services Examination and would happily recommend ClearIAS to all UPSC aspirants.

Shiyaz KM IPS

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