Its all about striking the right balance! – The Success Formulae

The real success is when we manage to work with the right combination.

The right combination of effort, knowledge, patience, prayer, relaxation or so on.

So it all about the right success recipe for right success.

If you have added one ingredient in extra quantities,you will not make the right, tasty dish.

Its about deciding whether we need 20 % A, 30 % B, 50 % C or 50 % A, 20 % B, 30 % C.

Yes. Happiness in life is about striking the right balance.

Get things done in the right proportion.

Too much of everything is not the ideal way of life.

Be it work, studies, prayer, play or anything.

Learn to strike the right balance early.

A planner or time table can help you to strike the time balance.