Technology – in its most simplest definition is the application of Science. Though I was aware about the importance of Science in daily life, I was little late to realize the importance of latest technologies in Human life. The truth is that I had never thought deep into it, even though I had decent knowledge and exposure in two latest technologies governing human lives – Bio Technology and Information Technology (Had already been a Technologist!). I feel Information Technology ( computers, web and related stuff), had grown at such rapid pace out-shadowing all other technologies in that last 10-20 years.

To have knowledge in any technology is really good, as by dealing with the application of science you can contribute to the society. These technologies help to provide a better world to the future generations.

The Technologies which fascinate me now include:

  1. Bio Technology.
  2. Information and Communication Technology.
  3. Space Technology.
  4. Defense Technologies.
  5. Nano Technology.
  6. Energy Technologies (Nuclear, Bio, Solar…).
  7. Gadget Technologies.