WikiLeaks:Cash-for-vote Scam:Indian perspective

With the release of India Cables by ‘WikiLeaks-The Hindu’, there is a real overflow  of the so called ‘confidential information’ to the blind common man the regarding Foreign and Domestic policies and how the US embassy work with India.

These cables are giving fair chance to the public to have an unbiased thinking, though the contents of the cables can sometimes be termed as just ‘opinions’ and not ‘facts’.
Among the many cables released, it’s the ‘Cash for Vote scam which’ caught fire.

The bribery allegation and associated Sting operation by opposing party happened in 2008 during 14th parliament. But, as PM said the UPA –II increased its majority in 15th parliament because the people were unaffected by these allegations.

The Parliamentary committee investigation regarding the case didn’t prove any bribery and Delhi Police investigation is still in progress.

Speaking from the moral side, there is no reason asking for resignation of PM whose party is trusted by a majority even after these issues, and more over Public money should not be wasted for unnecessary re-elections.

But looking from legal and ethical side, if there is corruption or bribery involved, the culprits should be brought to light and punished.

And which party can claim that their hands are completely free from corruption?