A thought on Information Revolution and Speed of Life!

I cannot stop writing this.

I feel everyone is well aware about what I am going to write.

But I just want to share a few thoughts.

Have you ever felt like you need some more time to  grab your favorite news from today’s newspaper?

Or like your time is not allowing you to watch your favorite programs in the television?

Do you have books pending in your collection seeking your time?

If the answer is Yes,you can understand better what I have written below.

Before the Information Technology Revolution(read as :the times when Internet was not what we ate and drank),definitely the pace of our lives were much slow.

What I mean is,we were all moving in a pace which we can very well afford during those times.(Excuse me if you are getting a feeling like me telling about medieval history,but about things which became history in a span of less than 10-15 years)

Not every one in the world were scholars.

At that time the knowledgeable  person was the one who had membership in many libraries and had a good collection of heavy books in his shelf.

Those who were not interested to do the research-work finding the right books and finding the right information from those books, remained ignorant in many matters.

But things changed dramatically in a few years time.

A big thanks to Internet and particularly to the Search Engine :Google and websites like Wikipedia and you-tube.

Now even the very lazy has the information he seeks in his finger tips.

And the information quotient of each global citizen has increased many times.

Everyone is a little encyclopedia now.

If we look the other side from technology perspective,there are galaxies of information available to each of us,and  a single human life time is not even sufficient to count even one star from this galaxy.

So that makes a competition.

The information available to us is growing each second.

We are exploring much about far away planets,subatomic particles,micro computers,and even about us at genome level.

This is creating an unmatched demand supply crisis: between information to be understood and human time available.

As of now we have more information to be understood by the life time of a single person.

Within in a few years information will explode in a matter that the life time of 7000 million  world population wont be sufficient to decipher the information available to us.

This can be the same  time when the computers develop more intelligence and power than the brain of all human population.

And thatz the Big Bang!

I wish if I could have got more time by earths axis tilt, if my life time cannot be extended;

I need to grab a few more news happening around the world badly.

Be it the Android next version  or 4G or a new gene from human body:)