Truth is not what you see and hear! You are wrong dude from beginning

Yes! There are many things which are well beyond the reach of humans.

Most of the perceptions we make are based on how we feel, see or hear but that may not be the truth always.

I can explain it very well with an example of your favorite Cartoon show.

The working of a cartoon show is based on a limitation of human eye known as Persistence of Vision.
Though we see a Cartoon character as moving or dancing,in reality there are no moving characters.
Human eye is deceived by the number of frames per second to give a feeling like the characters are moving.

If a simple cartoon can deceive you like this,think about what are the other possible un-realities and un-discovered possibilities in our world!

To add about un-realities:

The stars which you see in the sky at night may not be existing at the current moment.
This truth may seem odd,but truth is always like that.
If it takes 8 min for Sunlight to reach earth,it may take thousand and millions of years for a ray of light from a far away star to reach earth.

You might be knowing that,we see an object only when two rays of light produced/reflected from the object converge to form an image in our eye’s retina.

So by the time,the light rays reach our eyes from a distant star,the actual star might have turned into a red giant,white dwarf or black hole.

And to say a few words about un-discovered possibilities:

We all know that there are many electromagnetic waves other than visible sunlight.
But human eye can see things mainly in the visible light(VIBGYOR)frequency range.
It means we have only visible light vision.

But certain other animals have UV(ultra-violet)vision.
And another curious case is that color is not a characteristic feature of an object like length or breadth,and its just a perception of mind.

This is the same case with sound waves too.
Human beings can hear only from 20Hz to 20000Hz.
Sound in less or greater frequency is not audible to man.
But it doesn’t mean that there is sound of only this frequency in universe.
It is said that during last Tsunami which hit Indian Coasts,Elephants had moved away from the place much before the incident, detecting the high frequency waves inaudible to human ears.

So,don’t always trust even your eyes and ears too.There is always a scope of deception,which can be attributed to its limitation of power.