Money cannot always buy happiness.

There is nothing bad in making money, if its through legitimate ways.
Creating wealth and associated opportunities are really appreciable.
Yes, Making money is really an art.

But, this is what I have observed:

There are lot many among us who earn a lot, but not many who save and still a very few who invest right.

So its not your earnings/salary, its not your savings, but its the right investment which matters.

The next question is: how safe are your earnings/investment: Suppose, if you have 1 bn $ with you, earned after 40 years of hard work, and one fine morning if its looted by someone, what is  the meaning of your hard work for all these years?

Point here: The art of safe managing/preserving MONEY is equally important as earning/investing it.

Here is another case to relate with your health.

You may be really talented, blessed and intelligent. You might be having the Midas’ touch to turn everything into gold. And you may be willing to work 20 hours a day for your dream -But-
Remember-life can sometimes be unexpectedly short.
However talented you may be,  sometimes a simple, neglected fever can get a red signal to your life on this planet.

I am not saying that we can prevent every hazard if we are more conscious.
Of course there will be uncontrollable accidents/natural disasters, but negligence should never be the reason for your life’s abrupt end.

Be more careful. Be more informed. Be more capable.
Be more focused on the art of living,the planned management of your life.

Never run blind behind treasures.
Never loose your pleasure going behind the treasure.
Never miss little moments of life.
Never fall in non-legitimate ways of ‘get rich quick’.

Pray for your daily bread.
Work to earn it.
Dream high. Have a vision.

Remember its not always the rich people who are really happy.