The History of this Website

This website has a history. A modest one.

It was started in 2010.

It was started much earlier than many of the latest social media websites now trending among millions were founded.

That’s not a big deal. I know.

Starting a website like this, which is more like a personal blog, does not require much expertise.

There is nothing much to boast of either. I started this website. Wrote a few articles. Edited many. Deleted many. Kept the website idle for nearly 10 years after that.

So what’s special?

Looking back, I can connect the dots. I can connect what I do now to my experiments with this website.

This website was one of my early projects in which I made baby steps in blogging.

Even though not my first website, this was one website on which I started my experiments towards developing a career using my modest writing skills.

I became a blogger much earlier than blogging or vlogging became popular in my part of the world.

I should say that I got a bit of a first-mover advantage.

I started many websites later, including

I made a living writing. Still does.

That’s the legacy of this website.