Character vs Personality – Know the difference

Though sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, there is a distinct difference in their meanings.

Difference between character and personality

Character is more in-ward oriented while Personality is out-ward oriented.

In another sense Character refers to a persons moral values like honesty, courage etc which are universally acceptable.

Personality is how a person present himself.

It can be his group behavior, communication skills, neat dressing etc.

A person with character might not have good personality and in the same way a person who is famous for his personality aspects may not have a good character either.

Which is a better aspect to have – Character or Personality?

But good character is usually  ranked higher than personality. Character is based on values. And these values are valid from the ancient times and are universal in nature.

Since being true is part of the character, while adding new acquaintances, we should give more care to look at the character aspect rather than the polished personality traits.

The personality shown can be a mask of his/her ugly character.

If you can find partner/friends who are blessed with both character and personality, you can consider yourself as lucky.