Have Back-Ups in life! – Guide to prevent crisis situations in your life

Make sure you have backed up your important data and things.

A well managed Back Up may act as priceless when the actual things are lost or damaged.

It can act as a confidence booster too.

To connect it with day to day life,make sure you have a Back-up of your important data,files,or photos safely backed up to a secondary location  other than your hard drive.

Hey, Have you heard this saying that during calamities people with brains for planning appear to be wiser than other careless people.

Remember, whether you gain or not from planning, you are not loosing anything because of it.

You are just trying to minimize the risk of the unexpected.

3 piece of quotes to add along with this.

1.Be positive.

2.Be realistic.

3.Be far-sighted.