Other Person’s Shoes! – Mirror Neurons and Empathy

Have you ever got aroused or thrilled by watching any scenes on television?

Ever wondered why?

Have a look at the below points too.

1. Humans and monkeys have the  remarkable power for Imitation.

2. Humans can enjoy watching a TV show or drama on stage.

3. We feel empathy towards the feelings of others.

4. We can communicate with the help of language.

Is there a correlation among the above said features?

It appears there is.There are special neurons in the brain known as Mirror Neurons which get activated while we see some one performing an action or we ourselves do it. This means we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and try to imitate his / her feelings and actions as if it was  our own. It is this process of Imitation which makes the language develop. Patients suffering from autism is unable to show empathy towards others due to problems associated with these Mirror Neurons. Mr.Ramachandran has done a lot of research associated with this area.

So if you are thrilled to see your Action hero’s adventure stunts at Screen, it means you are putting yourself in his shoes. Got it?