To What Extent Do You Know A Person?

Do you think you know a person?

Does any one know you completely?

There may be situations when you might have wondered to see the totally new face of a person whom you thought you know completely.

The main point in this post is regarding this area.

  • How to get the best out of a person?
  • How to know a person to a greater extend than you know him/her already?
  • Can you know a person completely by talking to him?

You might be talking to a person for months, many hours each day. You might be having an impression about the person based on your conversations. But is he/she what you have seen or understood from your talks?

Or ONLY what you have seen/understood?

Absolutely not. There can be many other faces.

The point here is: You are seeing a person as he is,  just because you are dealing/talking to him/her to get that particular behaviour out from him/her.

In-fact every behaviour of a person is the response to the other person. (As the saying in Film industry, acting is reacting)

A person might have 20 or more speaking styles.

He may speak in funny, serious, diffident, rude, light or  other different tones with  different persons.

Your physical appearance, your speaking style, your position in society are a few factors out of many which affects your conversation partner’s response.

The best way to know your partner is to listen to him or her while he speaks to others. Understand his personality better and look for the words which provoke or stimulate him.

Listen how your partner speaks in a gang.

Every person behaves differently with different people and it is really interesting to study the flexibility of persons.

The application of this thought:

1. Change the tone of your speech to get different responses from the person who listen to you.

2. Give respect and Take respect.

3. Give confidence and freedom of expression to the person who tries to talk to you to see the change in behaviour of the other person. The entire scope of conversation can change dramatically.

4. Make a conversation lively.