Selecting a Partner – Similar taste or Dissimilar taste?

Who do you prefer – A partner with Similar taste as yours or a partner with Opposite taste?

A few cases before you to reason for your answer.

Suppose you found a funny incident while your where at office / college.

Whom would you like to be with you to share the incident? A person with similar taste as yours who can enjoy the same or one with no taste match as yours?

Again, you might have observed the phenomenon of opposite-poles-attraction and like-poles-repulsion. You might have observed couples with extremely divergent tastes and interest living happily with mutual respect.Then how to accommodate a reason for this?

Is the love towards a person of totally different nature ‘Just an Attraction’?

I would like to give stress to the word ‘Attraction’ and ‘Attention’ here. An odd guy always get attention from the audience. He may or may not generate interest or admiration among audience, but he will definitely get attention. So this attention or curiosity to know and explore the other person – if the same is there in a relationship, that relationship has got many chances to go smooth.

Dissimilar tastes generally  generate attention. This curiosity among both partners to know each other results in sharing of thoughts and different ideas. Often they end up in a complimentary relationship which makes their life more beautiful. Yes, at this stage there will be definitely some overlapping of ideas and interests and in due course of time the partner’s tastes may turn out as your tastes and interests too.

Similarity in Dissimilarity?

So the point here is: Even in relationships where we see complete difference of tastes among the partners, the case may not be actually so.They might be having an area of mutual tastes common to them. And of-course, there will be mutual respect for the partner’s taste.

Before selecting a partner make sure that you can communicate with him / her and know whether he / she got similar / dissimilar interests than yours. Analyze if you get bored to hear the same similar interest topics for 5-1o years from him/her or if you feel totally out of place to hear the opposite-pole topics  in long term.

Last but not least:  How to select a Partner?

Ans: Select a partner with whom you  can laugh.