A few piece of thoughts! My own thoughts penned down.

The History of this Website

This website has a history. A modest one. It was started in 2010. It was started much earlier than many of the latest social media websites now trending among millions were founded. That’s not a big deal. I know. Starting a website like this, which is more like a personal blog, does not require much …

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Morals vs Ethics

Morals and Ethics – though basically are the philosophies of right and wrong, cannot be easily defined. The difference arise based on the source of origin of these principles – whether it is from the society’s side or from the individual’s side. Theodore Sturgeon defines morals and ethics as below : morals Society’s code for …

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Literacy vs Education

Being literate, you are aware about your fundamental rights; but being educated you will know that you have fundamental duties also along with your fundamental rights. Education is a state of mind. Formal means of education may or may not make you educated.

Importance of Teachers

We need more teachers – more knowledgeable teachers – to guide our future generation. It is a real blessing to have a knowledgeable mentor to light the lamp of knowledge inside us. The lamp which causes the darkness inside us fade away.


Technology – in its most simplest definition is the application of Science. Though I was aware about the importance of Science in daily life, I was little late to realize the importance of latest technologies in Human life. The truth is that I had never thought deep into it, even though I had decent knowledge and exposure in …

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